Tips on Proper Handling of VCI and Metal Parts

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Tips on Proper Handling of VCI and Metal Parts

One of the biggest reasons why metal parts become rusted is because of inaccurate handling of those parts while they are in the plant. For instance, metal parts should never be left exposed to the air in the plant. Contaminants in the air, fork truck exhaust, and by-products of manufacturing process can all contribute to the acceleration of rust and corrosion. With a proper handling of VCI and metal, the metal parts will not corrode easily and that means there is subsequent cost saving from this.


There are many tips for the correct handling of VCI and metals. The first tips is for the packaging personnel to always wear gloves while handling metal parts. Also, metal parts should be clean and free of fingertips before wrapping. The clean products must also be packed in VCI as quickly as possible. Next tips is to use VCI to separate metal from acidic packing materials such as corrugated boxes and wooden pallets in order to prevent corrosion at the contact points. Moreover, packages usually may be opened and resealed without affecting the corrosion protection and we must avoid touching metals with bare hands while inspecting. Lastly, the duration of protection depends on the type of VCI paper or VCI film and the packing method used.

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