The VCI Technology

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The VCI Technology

Paper, lineboard, or film treated with VCI technology or if combined with other features can be converted into various types of eco-friendly and user-friendly packaging solutions of different shapes and sizes. These add value to the end user by cutting corrosion losses.  Basic VCI paper can be converted into many different sizes of rolls or sheeting that can be used to wrap metal parts during production process or shipping. Every so often, all that is needed is one – by – one – in. square (6.45cm2) of VCI paper for insertion into small automobile components. With this method, corrosion will be casted out and restraining the molecules into the small enclosure for internal protection during shipment and installation.


Furthermore, converting VCI paper into one-by-one inch squares provides an easy way for manufacturers to insert corrosion protection into small component internals. Another unique option is to convert VCI paper into envelopes to protect slender objects such as musical instrument strings (e.g., guitar strings) from corrosion before they are used. And the best thing is, the paper can be recycled and re-pulped after use.

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