The Serious Consequences in Corrosion

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The Serious Consequences in Corrosion

The serious consequences which came from the corrosion process have become a significant problem that caught the attention from around the world. Corrosion in the modern society is one of the outstanding challenging problems in the industry that needs to be given serious thought. Most industrial designs can never be made without taking into consideration the effect of corrosion on the life span of the equipment.

Since its establishment in 2010, PT. Persada Silver has strive to solve corrosion issues in the manufacturing business with continuous production of industrial beneficial products and services for clients. Entering its eighth years of running, PT. Persada Silver has achieved so much. In 2012, this company has successfully supplied its product to 28 automotive clients. On top of that, in 2015 PT. Silver Persada has started to export its products to Malaysia. One thing for sure, the growth of this company will not stop there.

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