The many advantages of VCI Poly Bags

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The many advantages of VCI Poly Bags

VCI Bag, or Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor bag, is a poly packaging film which is transformed into a bag that is manufactured with added VCI chemistry. The VCI molecules protect metals from corrosion by forming a thin, invisible layer on the surface. This layer prevents the corrosion process caused by oxygen, water and contaminants. This Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor bag can be made in different sizes, weights, seals and inhibitor types. VCI bags produces molecules that sticks on metal surfaces and form an invisible layer that protects from corrosion. The protection works by interrupting the electrochemical corrosion process caused by moisture, oxygen and contaminants in the atmosphere.


The usage of VCI poly bags has many advantages. For instance, VCI poly bags have tensile strength which make them extremely resistant to tear and puncture. Another advantage is the material is water, oil, and grease resistant. Other than that, VCI poly material is 100% recyclable and this bags are economical and can even be reused. For metal parts, electronic components, and equipment made out of ferrous or non-ferrous metals packaged in VCI bags, they may not require any other additional packing. Those are amongst the many advantages of VCI poly bags.

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