The Danger of Corrosion

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The Danger of Corrosion

Corrosion is destruction of materials by chemical reaction with its environment. For most of us, corrosion is metal degradation which is frequently called rust. The corrosion resistance of any material depends on the environment to which it is exposed. Plant shutdowns, waste of valuable resources, loss or contamination of product, reduction in efficiency, costly maintenance, and expensive overdesign are amongst many failures caused by corrosion.

Once corrosion starts, structural failure is almost surely inescapable. Corrosion carries in itself certain danger and negative effects. The first danger is the risk of injury to the employee and general public. Second, corrosion can cause damage to surroundings or danger to individuals because of leaking gases or liquids. The negative effect from corrosion is pipe blockages or mechanical damage to pumps, valves, etc. Furthermore, when appearance is affected, corrosion can reduce the overall value of building or location. More than that, corrosion can impose certain fluids contamination in pipes or vessels. Therefore, to avoid corrosion industrial coating is a necessity to keep various businesses functioning to their full potential without high emergency repair costs.

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