Corrosion Prevention for Metals

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Corrosion Prevention for Metals

In almost all situations, metal corrosion can be managed if we using the right methods. The prevention method can take a number of forms depending on the condition of the metal being corroded. Corrosion is caused by chemical interactions between metal and gas in the environment. Limiting contact with rain or seawater by storing metal indoors can be one form of direct manipulation of the environment impacting the metal. No metal is immune to corrosion in all environments condition, however by understanding and monitoring the conditions that are the cause of corrosion will lead to significant reductions in corrosion.


Other than that, the use of inhibitors, coatings and plating are also part of corrosion prevention for metals. Inhibitors are chemicals that interrupt the chemical reaction that causes corrosion, it works by adsorbing themselves on metal surface and forming protective film. Meanwhile, paints and other organic coatings are used to protect metals from degradable effect of environmental gasses. At last, plating or metallic coatings can be applied to prevent corrosion as well as provide aesthetic and decorative finishes. There are four common types of metallic coatings to be chosen, namely electroplating, mechanical plating, and hot dipping.

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