Choosing The Right VCI Paper

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Choosing The Right VCI Paper

Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) paper or film when wrapped around iron, steel or cast iron parts provides wonderful rust protection and is especially useful when shipping or storing metal parts. Many companies that ship metal parts depend on VCI paper and VCI poly bags to protect their expensive parts from corrosion and rust.  When purchasing VCI paper it is important to inquire whether the papers are environmentally safe, fully recyclable and repulpable, biodegradable and non-toxic. Some VCI paper contain heavy metals or other chemicals that can harm the environment. Moreover, some VCI paper formulations include the use of chemicals that impose danger to the environment and also employees’ health. Also, different types of VCI papers are specifically designed to provide the best rust protection for each particular metal. For instance, VCI paper for ferrous metals is designed to protect steel parts and wires, springs, bearings, etc. While VIC paper for non-ferrous metals is designed to protect non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper, brass, bronze, and other alloys.


Furthermore, VCI paper cannot work for all applications. In addition to rust prevention, a PE coated VCI paper will serve two additional purposes, which is to keep any excess oil and grease on the part inside so it will not leach out and ruin the outer box. The PE also keeps the moisture away from the part. Poly coated VCI papers provide extra puncture resistance which is useful for heavy or sharp parts and will also be a very effective moisture barrier. And, reinforced VCI paper would be an excellent choice for very large and very heavy parts. Lastly, make sure the VCI papers are saturated with VCI on both sides. This avoids confusion about which side to place against the part when packing, as well as the ability to interweave the paper within a pallet of parts so that less paper is needed in the packaging.

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